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Retirement Income

Retirement planning involves evaluating your current financial standing and creating an accumulation strategy that will help to ensure a desired retirement lifestyle. Because an individual’s retirement years can span decades, retirement planning generally dominates other financial goals. A successful retirement plan put into place during the wealth-building lifespan should address ways to maximize growth and tax-efficient distributions, as well as how to leave retirement assets to the next generation.

Retirement income planning is a step in the financial planning process that is often overlooked. Many individuals only focus on the wealth accumulation phase, but retirement income planning is essential in order to ensure that you do not outlive your income.There are many variables to consider when planning for retirement. Inflation, rising health care costs and long-term care are just a few examples of the things that can affect your retirement income.  The financial advisors at Darden Financial have extensive experience developing and managing investment portfolios that focus on a goal of providing sustainable, predictable, and tax-efficient income. 

Our Financial Advisors Help You:

Establish Your Goals

Gather & Analyze The Data

Develop The Plan 

Implement The Plan

Monitor The Plan