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Our investment management services assists clients in clarifying their goals and objectives, and identifying appropriate investment strategies to work towards those goals. During the most difficult and rewarding financial market conditions, our wealth advisors have counseled clients applying in-depth investment knowledge that aims to manage their wealth through sound and prudent investment strategies.  Our firm is dedicated to identifying undervalued investments where we believe the potential for reward outweighs the risk entailed.

Our advisors are not product pushers, and do not act as salesman. What we will not do is meet with you and then feel we have the right to contact you repeatedly in an effort to pressure you into working with us.  New clients must fully believe that our services are a good fit for their needs or the relationship will ultimately fail.

New Client Process

  • The first meeting consists of getting to know one another. We will discuss your goals, objectives, and address any concerns you may have about your finances.
  • After the initial meeting, we review all of the provided financial information. If requested, we will collaborate with your other financial professionals (CPA, Attorney) for a better understanding of your situation.
  • Your advisor will meet with the entire team at Darden Financial to review the financial analysis, discuss any vulnerabilities in the current investment portfolio, and consider specific investment recommendations to work towards your objectives.
  • Another meeting is scheduled to discuss the financial analysis, and go over any recommendations we may have. We understand the information given may be overwhelming, so we ask that you take a few days to think about our recommendations. During this time, write down any questions that come to mind, so we may address them in the next meeting.
  • Once you become an official client of Darden Financial, we begin the implementation of any investment recommendations, and schedule a performance review cycle that best fits your schedule.

Our advisors meet with the firm’s clients quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to track investment performance, discuss any changes in their financial situation, or to update their personal financial plan for better consistency and accuracy. The frequency of these meeting is up to the client.

New Client Requirements

Darden Financial does not only manage investment assets for high net worth individuals, but we do keep our client base to a minimum. We have found that many investment firms do not have specific guidelines for whom they work for. Our firm will always dedicate the time and effort it takes to consistently manage each individual’s wealth.

We act in a fiduciary capacity, and we must act in our client's best interest. In order for our current clients to continue receiving exceptional service and a personalized approach to investment management, we have created new client guidelines that do not interfere with our current relationships.

Minimum Initial Investment: $250,000

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