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Affluent Investor Services

The affluent are fully aware that their wealth carries with it some degree of complexity.  As such they need and want much more than just investment advice.  From years of industry research and our significant experience in understanding the needs of successful individuals and family groups, it is clear that acceptable investment returns are only part of the equation. There are a broader range of concerns and challenges that keep this cohort up at night.

Darden Financial customizes investment strategies guided by your individual goals and needs. We take the time to understand the complexity of your situation before we prepare a strategy to work towards those objectives.  To best serve you, our firm maintains a manageable number of clients allowing us to proactively monitor your investment portfolio.

Our Commitment To You

Our commitments run deep, and are the bedrock of our foundation.  In order to serve you the way that you deserve, we commit to:

  • Maintaining a relationship of mutual trust and respect
  • Always placing our client’s goals, values, and needs first
  • Maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics
  • Providing great value to our clients
  • Holding regular progress meetings to make sure we are on-track to meeting your goals
  • Being available to answer your questions or address your concerns

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