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Retirement Planning Services

Retirement income planning is a step in the financial planning process that is often overlooked. Many individuals only focus on the wealth accumulation phase, but retirement income planning is essential in order to ensure that you do not outlive your income.There are many variables to consider when planning for retirement. Inflation, rising health care costs and long-term care are just a few examples of the things that can affect your retirement income.  The financial advisors at Darden Financial have extensive experience developing and managing investment portfolios that focus on a goal of providing sustainable, predictable, and tax-efficient income. 

Our Financial Advisors Help You:

  • Establish Your Goals
  • Gather & Analyze The Data
  • Develop The Plan 
  • Implement The Plan
  • Monitor The Plan

Our 5 Step New Client Process

  1. Our first meeting consists of getting to know one another. We will discuss your goals and objectives, while addressing any concerns you may have about your finances.
  2. Your advisor will review all of your financial information. If requested, your advisor will collaborate with your other financial professionals (CPAs, Attorneys, and Insurance Professionals) for a better understanding of your financial situation.
  3. After your advisor has reviewed your entire financial picture, he will meet with the entire Darden Financial team and walk through all of your goals and objectives, discuss any vulnerabilities in your investment portfolio, and consider specific investment recommendations in order to better reach those objectives.
  4. You and the advisor will meet again to discuss the financial analysis, and any recommendations Darden Financial may have. We understand the information given may be overwhelming, so we ask that you take a few days to think about our recommendations. During this time, write down any questions that come to mind, so your advisor may address them in the next meeting.
  5. Once you become an official client of Darden Financial, we will begin implementing the investment recommendations, and schedule a performance review cycle that best fits your schedule.

Our advisors meet with the firm’s clients quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to track investment performance, discuss any changes in their financial situation, or to update their personal financial plan for better consistency and accuracy.

Contact our office in Shreveport, Louisiana today to schedule your initial consultation.

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